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Posture Breakdown- Virabadhrasana II (Warrior 2)


Posture Breakdown- Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) About the posture Warrior 2 is a classic standing posture that is commonly seen in yoga practices.  It represents the warrior Virabhadra slaying the human ego. How to get into the posture Start from standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) and take a big step back with one leg. Align your back foot with the short edge of the mat so that your toes point toward the long edge of the mat. Your front foot should be straight with the toes pointing forward. Bend your front knee to a 90-degree angle above your ankle. It is important [...]

Posture Breakdown- Virabadhrasana II (Warrior 2)2021-06-13T15:46:34-05:00

Posture Breakdown- Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)


Posture Breakdown Anjaneyasana – Low Lunge Posture   About- Anjaneya is a Sanskrit word that means “Son of Anjani” and Anjayneya is also the childhood name of Hanuman.  Hanuman is a primary character in the Hindu epic called the Ramayana. In the story, Hanuman is a brave, triumphant, and resourceful Army general.  This posture evokes strength and energy, tones the physical body, and calms the mind. Posture Breakdown- Begin in downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). On an exhale, step your right foot forward beside your right thumb. Stack your right knee over your right ankle. Lower your left knee to the [...]

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New To Yoga? Here’s 5 Things You Want To Know.


New to Yoga?  Here’s 5 Things You Want to Know. When you’re new to Yoga, you can have a lot of questions.  Here are some great tips to help you feel more prepared for your practice.   What should I wear?   One of the most popular questions new students ask me is what they should wear to practice in.  Looking at all the yoga related ads, you might think that a fancy outfit is necessary. But, guess what?  It's not! All you really need is clothing that will keep you comfortable. For a typical posture based yoga practice you can find [...]

New To Yoga? Here’s 5 Things You Want To Know.2020-08-29T19:16:59-05:00
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